Two Frequently Asked Questions:

Re "Offgassing" from Mattresses:

"Outgassing" (or "off-gassing" as it is called in the USA) refers to the emission of gases from a substance, for example PVC sheeting. The gases are inherently present in the substance, for example: vinyl chloride monomer in PVC; formaldehyde in urea-formaldehyde glues; methacrylic acid in acrylic paints; etc.

The BabeSafe® cover, in addition to protecting from SIDS, also protects babies from off-gassing for parents/grandparents that have those concerns. The BabeSafe® cover (which is manufactured using an inert plastic) is itself incapable of any gas generation.

With regard to the Cot Life 2000 mattress-wrapping protocol (the BabeSafe® protocol): The gases which cause crib/cot death are not inherently present in mattresses. The gases are formed by fungal activity on non-volatile chemicals containing the elements phosphorus (P), arsenic (As) and/or antimony (Sb) present in most mattresses. Use of the BabeSafe® mattress cover protects the baby from any gas/es which are generated in the mattress by fungus, as well as from volatile chemicals that off-gas.

Adult-Sized Mattresses:

Under the Cot Life 2000 mattress-wrapping protocol (the BabeSafe® protocol), bedsharing (co-sleeping) between adults and babies must not occur under any circumstances, even if there is a mattress protector or wrap on the adult-sized mattress.

BabeSafe in New Zealand does not manufacture covers for mattresses larger than infant-sized.
Unless the adult user has been medically diagnosed with an allergy or chemical sensitivity, there is no need to wrap adult-sized mattresses for medical or environmental purposes. Commercial western-style mattresses do not generate gases which could be of medical or environmental concern for most adults.

Some new adult-sized mattresses do emit a noticeable "chemical smell" when first unpacked. However, this is harmless and it dissipates over time. The rate of dissipation can be greatly speeded up by airing the newly unpacked mattress outside in bright sunshine for a few days (bringing it inside overnight).