Contrary to popular opinion,

SIDS/Crib Death can be prevented.

We at Baby Mattress Covers, LLC recommend using the New Zealand SIDS prevention method elaborated on this website to protect your baby from SIDS. We are Campaigning to Prevent SIDS.

Your baby mattress cover is available in the BabeSafe® Store, on our subdomain. Our goal is to prevent SIDS. So, the BabeSafe® covers are only available in infant mattress sizes.

With 245,000+ BabeSafe® mattress covers sold to New Zealanders since 1996 there has been a 100% success rate against cot death, when 100% cotton bedding has also been used. This is the link to the BabeSafe in New Zealand Statistics page showing the definite results of the New Zealand campaign to prevent cot death/SIDS.

Read about this mattress wrapping method like hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders have done, and decide for yourself whether using BabeSafe® mattress covers is an option for your baby.

The essence of what you need to know of the Toxic Gas Theory behind the mattress-wrapping method with baby mattress covers is given in this image.

The Cause of SIDS and How to Prevent SIDS

Summarized, mattress wrapping requires eliminating as many of the factors involved with SIDS as possible. Especially important is keeping the sources of the chemical elements P, As and Sb in the mattress and bedding away from your baby and minimizing sources of body heat. Key is the use of a BabeSafe® mattress cover over your baby's mattress and only 100% pure cotton bedding, no padding fill.

Further points we would like to make:

The BabeSafe® mattress covers we offer at Baby Mattress Covers, LLC are free from the chemical elements phosphorous, arsenic and/or antimony. These same elements in mattresses take part in the formation of toxic gases described under the Toxic Gas Theory hypothesis as the cause of SIDS.

With so many parent’s in New Zealand implementing mattress-wrapping along the lines of this toxic gas theory and receiving a 100% success rate for mattress-wrapping since 1996, this theory must be considered seriously as the solution to the SIDS cause mystery. Consider also the fact that no other SIDS prevention methods have that high of a success rate.

Read in Dr. Sprott’s book The Cot Death – Cover Up? and also on BabeSafe in New Zealand’s Research page for scientific research backing up the Toxic Gas Theory.

According to the Toxic Gas Theory, off-gassing is not the cause of SIDS. The toxic gases created from the chemical elements P, As and Sb are the cause of SIDS. Although the BabeSafe® covers will still provide a barrier for your baby from any BPA or latex in a mattress, as well as block VOCs' and formaldehyde from off-gassing, these are not the cause of SIDS put forth by Dr. Sprott’s book.

For how to wrap a mattress, watch our Mattress Wrapping Demonstration Video.

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The Story behind Mattress Wrapping

In 1989 Mr. Barry A. Richardson, a British consultant scientist, proposed the theory that SIDS/Crib Death was caused by toxic gases generated from elements commonly present in babies' mattresses. Dr. T. J. Sprott, a New Zealand forensic scientist, had suspected the same since the mid-1980s. Dr. Sprott felt that SIDS babies were not dying from a medical condition, but from a sleeping environment cause.

As a result of their research, Mr. Richardson and Dr. Sprott found that most baby mattresses and many bedding items contain small amounts of the elements phosphorus, arsenic and/or antimony, which are incorporated for purposes such as a plastic softener, fire retardant, a fungicide or as part of the manufacturing process. In addition, a normally harmless household fungus (Scopulariopsis brevicaulis) often grows in mattresses. Separately, the presence of the elements phosphorus, arsenic or antimony in mattresses and bedding does not pose danger. But when heat and moisture in the baby's crib results in fungal growth, the fungus interacts with these elements, causing the generation of extremely poisonous gases. If even a small dose of these gases is ingested by a baby, the baby's breathing and heart functions stop, resulting in SIDS/Crib Death.

Mattress Wrapping Method is Solution to SIDS Problem

In the mid-1990s Dr. Sprott commenced a nationwide mattress-wrapping campaign in New Zealand to eliminate SIDS/Crib Death. In 1996, he invented the BabeSafe® crib mattress cover, which is a non-toxic polyethylene plastic cover in the form of a bag, manufactured under strict requirements to contain no detectable phosphorus, arsenic or antimony. The baby's mattress is sealed inside this protective cover, with the result that no gas generation occurring in the mattress can reach the baby.

Since BabeSafe® mattress covers came onto the market in New Zealand in 1996, there has been no reported case of SIDS/Crib Death among the very large number of babies who have slept on BabeSafe® wrapped mattresses (and using the specified bedding for a wrapped mattress). For the latest statistics about the New Zealand SIDS mattress-wrapping campaign click here.

Dr. Sprott's SIDS method was developed as a simple and affordable method of protecting babies from toxic gases which can be generated in mattresses. As an authorized distributor of BabeSafe® mattress covers, we can process your order through our website's store.

Website Anniversary:

The website and Baby Mattress Covers name originate back to July 2004. This year in July 2017 we started our thirteenth year of our online business.

Barb Knoll, a midwife, wanted to reach Dr. Sprott’s mattress-wrapping message out to wider than to her immediate patients to better prevent SIDS/crib death. So, her husband Paul obtained the domain name and she started selling the BabeSafe® mattress wraps online under the DBA name of Baby Mattress Covers.

In February of 2008 she obtained an LLC and the business became Baby Mattress Covers, LLC. In January 2013, Barb handed over the day-to-day running of the business to Paul, but she still has an active advisory role. With our many years in SIDS prevention, with the New Zealand outstanding success rate and with our personal attention to your needs, you can trust us to supply your BabeSafe® mattress covers to prevent SIDS from happening to your baby.

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